Table 2

Estimated share of GVA in bidi producing states

StateTotal bidi GVA (INR millions)Share of rural sector of bidi GVA (%)Bidi GVA per firm (INR)Bidi GVA per worker (INR)Bidi GVA as % of unorganised manufacturing sectorBidi GVA as % of all manufacturing sector
West Bengal528391.23747853556.322.63
Tamil Nadu357454.6015 43111 1094.350.85
Andhra Pradesh327277.15886179077.121.28
Madhya Pradesh278057.547788395211.032.51
Bihar261093.9417 172877012.879.68
Uttar Pradesh214475.84942151002.200.73
Gujarat48094.0119 86110 9640.770.08
Tripura9999.7810 68185192.932.18
Assam6865.2323 71098620.500.12
Chhattisgarh3081.0211 54954980.350.03
Daman & Diu0.440.00675440650.070.00
All India26 14178.52932962893.110.58
  • Source: NSS Round 62 Schedule 2.2 (July 2005–June 2006) data. Receipts are based on the survey statistics, and estimated to population level using sample weights. All manufacturing sector contributions include organised sector contributions as well. These were obtained from Annual Survey of Industries (2005–2006). Percentage estimates reported for the all India level include unorganised manufacturing industry and organised manufacturing industry economic activities in non-bidi-producing states. The share of rural sector GVA for bidi industry was not available for Rajasthan possibly due to missing data.

  • GVA, gross value added; INR, Indian Rupees; NSS, National Sample Survey.