Table 4

Simulation on the effects of cigarette price increases (0.1 million packs, 0.1 million won)

Per cent changes in priceEffectsTotal population1st2nd3rd4th
Smoking prevalence26.3%30.8%25.8%24.6%24.1%
20Reduction in cigarette consumption3.692.
Additional tax revenue11 2001496.32280.33116.52786.3
60Reduction in cigarette consumption11.
Additional tax revenue24 600−264.53781.77667.26750.4
100Reduction in cigarette consumption18.459.
Additional tax revenue26 100−8363.21204.29975.08570.0
140Reduction in cigarette consumption25.8313.
Additional tax revenue15 600−22 799.8−5452.410 039.88245