Table 1

Characteristics of menthol cigarette ads from 1 June 2012 to 28 February 2013

Ad type*Brand (n=unique print ads)Media channelVolume†Spend
(n=35)Direct mail11 795 561US$6 367 177
(n=28)Print105US$7 638 300
(n=28)Direct mail7 445 241US$4 303 084
(n=5)Direct mail1 030 255US$688 172
(n=86)Direct mail16 984 860US$10 255 159
American Spirit
(n=4)Print30US$1 758 600
Pall Mall
(n=9)Direct mail796 725US$535 796
Total (n=205)US$31 546 414
(n=12)Direct mail1 904 539US$1 034 790
(n=33)Direct mail11 806 245US$6 107 631
(n=7)Direct mail2 382 180US$1 012 949
American Spirit
(n=10)Direct mail3 621 100US$ 1 720 500
(n=3)Direct mail479 800US$ 214 100
Total (n=67)US$ 10 089 970
  • *Advertisement type refers to whether the ad was specific to a menthol cigarette product (primary) or whether the ad was specific to a regular cigarette product but featured some mention of their menthol cigarette brand (secondary). Secondary ads may be specific to regular cigarettes but if feature their menthol cigarette brand somewhere in the advertisement or mention the availability of a menthol brand in text.

  • †Volume is specific to the medium; for print, this refers to the number of times in which the ad was printed in a magazine during the specified time period. For direct mail, the volume refers to the estimated number of individuals that received ads through direct mail. For online, volume refers to the number of days that the ad appeared on a particular website.

  • NA, not applicable.