Table 2

Five tobacco control statements from the ASH Year 10 survey

Statement nameYear statement includedStatement wording
Smoke-free countryI want to live in a country where no one smokes
Fewer outlets selling tobacco productsIn 2009 and 2010: The number of places allowed to sell cigarettes and tobacco should be reduced to make them less easily available; In 2011 and 2012: There should be fewer places where cigarettes and tobacco can be sold
No tobacco sales in 10 years’ timeCigarettes and tobacco should not be sold in New Zealand in 10 years’ time
Outdoor smoking banSmoking should be banned in all outdoor places where young people go
Raise price of tobacco productsCigarettes and tobacco should be made more expensive so that children and young people can't afford to buy them
  • ASH, Action on Smoking and Health.