Table 3

Data collected

Basic informationAge restriction
When was this manufacture established
Where is this manufacture located
What is the company size? (the number of employee)
What is the registered capital of this company?
Contact information
Regulatory languageReferences to government regulation or lawsuits
ContactEmail, phone, fax, address
ProductsStarter kit and the lowest price offered on the site
Nicotine concentrations of the cartridges (none, low, medium, high and extra high, etc)
Flavours of prefilled cartridges and/or solution (e-juice)
Information or instruction about how to use an e-cigarette
Smoking cessation
Increased ability to smoke anywhere
Increased ability to get around ‘smoke-free laws’ or ‘clean indoor air laws’
Products do not bother non-smokers/expose others to secondhand smoke
Products are cleaner to use than tobacco cigarettes
Products are environmentally friendly
Products are safer than tobacco cigarettes in terms of fire safety
Using products provide a better value than buying tobacco products or NRT
Increased ability to socialise
Increased social status
Increased romantic involvement, improves relationships, increases sex appeal
Increased personal freedom
Modern or revolutionary way to smoke
MessagingComparisons made between the e-cigarette and other forms of tobacco or nicotine products
Alcohol depicted or mentioned
PromotionCelebrity on the site
Brand-related club/group to join
  • e-cigarette, electronic cigarette.