Table 4

Cost-effectiveness ratios of OMSC compared to usual care in 2009 cohort of patients with AMI, UA, HF and COPD ($ in $C)

 Base caseUnivariate sensitivity analyses
12 weeks of additional pharmacotherapyDiscount rate of 0%Discount rate of 3%
Short-term outcomes
1 year cost per QALY gained
 AMI$6874$25 496
 UA$8482$32 328
 HF$472$19 834
 COPDDominant$24 126
 Overall$1386$24 606
Cost per quitter
Cost per hospital-day avoided
Cost per death avoided
 AMI$4494$16 668
 UA$7790$27 784
 COPDDominant$17 435
 Overall$803$14 658
Long-term outcomes
Lifetime cost per QALY gained
Cost per LYG
  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases; HF, heart failure; LYG, life-year gained; OMSC, Ottawa model for smoking cessation; QALY, quality adjusted life year; UA, unstable angina pectoris.