Table 2

Outcomes at follow-up

Pilot study 1 (n=30)Pilot study 2 (n=46)
2 week follow-up (%)2 week follow-up (%)4 week follow-up (%)
 Noticed the warning*938978
 Talked to anyone about the warnings*979396
 Tried to avoid thinking about the warning*435030
 Tried to avoid looking at the warning*434635
 Felt (as a result of viewing the warning)†
  Disgusted or grossed out20117
  Worried or anxious2052
 Warning caused them to think about the harmful effects of smoking504139
 Quit attempt, 1 or more days101720
 Quit smoking042
  • *Responded ‘sometimes,’ ‘often,’ or ‘all of the time’ rather than ‘never’ or ‘almost never’.

  • †Responded ‘very’ or ‘completely,’ rather than ‘not at all,’ ‘a little,’ or ‘somewhat’.