Table 3

Bivariate analysis on predictors of cigarette and smokeless prices (p values)

Census tract variablesBivariate p valueRegression coefficient*Bivariate p valueBivariate p valueRegression coefficient*Bivariate p valueRegression coefficient*
Median home value (in ‘000)0.6840.7460.0100.0010.0430.001
Median household income0.1110.7920.2700.371
Proportion ages 18–24 (%)0.3500.6470.0280.0050.934
Proportion minors0.7600.9100.3950.343
Proportion black0.1040.6520.7540.146
Proportion white (%)0.0300.0040.8880.8790.433
Proportion under poverty (%)0.015–0.0060.4780.3000.778
  • *Coefficients represent change in tobacco product prices (in US$) per each increment of Census tract variable.