Table 4

Percentage and 95% CI of those who had considered quitting tobacco smoking in the near future, according to e-cigarette use, among all 14–18-year-old daily smokers and among those who smoke ≥10 cigarettes daily

Use of e-cigarettesConsidered quitting smoking 
All daily smokersDaily smokers, ≥10 cigarettes daily
n%95% CI (%)n%95% CI (%)
Do not know what they are/Have not tried7880.870.7 to 88.02665.446.2 to 80.6
Have tried once or twice15176.869.5 to 82.87376.765.8 to 84.9
Have tried 20 times or less6873.562.0 to 82.64367.452.5 to 79.5
Have tried more than 20 times4755.341.2 to 68.63748.633.4 to 64.1
All25574.169.3 to 78.517967.059.9 to 73.5