Table 3

Relationship of pre–post implementation changes in attentional orientation response pattern with changes in warning label reactions

Pre–post change in outcome variablesn†Attentional orientation response pattern across survey years, β (SE)
Notice663Ref0.60 (0.12)***Ref−0.47(0.22)*
Read666Ref0.37 (0.10)***Ref−0.31 (0.25)
Cognitive reactions664Ref0.12 (0.05)*Ref−0.34 (0.12)**
Forgo662Ref−0.05 (0.05)Ref0.02 (0.16)
Avoid668Ref0.08 (0.04)Ref−0.19 (0.10)
Percentage of total67236.237.620.85.4
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.

  • †Variation in n is due to missing data on one or more independent variables included in the models.

  • β, regression coefficients adjusted for age, sex, income, education, cigarettes per day, past year quit attempts, survey mode (phone vs web) and year of recruitment.