Table 1

Sociodemographic and smoking-related characteristics of current smokers who were surveyed at Wave 2 (n=4568*)

Followed up at Wave 3 (n=3677)Not followed up at Wave 3 (n=891)p Value for group comparison (followed vs not-followed)
n%Followed-upn% Not followed-up
Gender (male)348394.785495.90.17†
Majority (Han)349094.984194.50.59†
Marital status (% married)330690.379890.00.76†
Age (years)0.002†
 Don't know2416.5596.6
Daily/weekly smokers0.53†
 Daily smokers347094.483693.8
 Weekly smokers2075.6556.2
Intention to quit0.56†
 No intention244667.058966.6
 Beyond 6 months/don't know68018.614916.9
 Within 6 months2787.6819.1
 Within 1 month2406.6637.1
HSI (mean±SD)35492.36 (0.03)8532.33 (0.06)0.63‡
Length of last serious quit attempt0.90†
 Never tried162744.638643.7
 <1 month97726.724027.2
 1–6 months75520.718020.4
 >6 months2907.9768.6
 Not at all sure176448.440846.0
 Somewhat sure97626.823726.7
 Very sure40811.211312.7
 Extremely sure3429.4819.1
 Don't know1524.1485.4
  • *For characteristics of the 4732 smokers who were surveyed at Wave 1, please refer to Li et al. (2011) paper.

  • †χ2 test results.

  • ‡T test results. HSI, Heaviness of Smoking Index (we presented the mean of HSI and its SD).