TableĀ 1

Characteristics of the agreements between the TTC's and the EU

CompanyTotal of annual payments US$Date of signatureEndSettlement and/or discharge of legal claimsRenewal clauseTermination clause
PM1 billion9/7/20049/7/2016YesYesNo
JTI400 million14/12/200714/12/2022YesNoYes
BAT200 million15/7/201015/7/2030Unknown (see text)YesYes
ITL300 million27/9/201027/9/2030YesYesYes
  • Source: OLAF.5

  • BAT, British American Tobacco; EU, European Union; JTI, Japan Tobacco International; ITL, Imperial Tobacco Limited; PM, Philip Morris; TTC, Transnational Tobacco Companies.