Table 3

Multivariate models for willingness to pay

Overall sample (N=660)Dual users (N=379)Cigarette-only users (N=268)
CharacteristicβCI (95%)βCI (95%)βCI (95%)
Base price9.03***(7.18 to 10.89)8.64***(6.40 to 10.89)6.44***(3.00 to 9.89)
Ever use of e-cigarette0.50(−0.16 to 1.16)NANA−0.76(−1.62 to 0.11)
Coming in flavours−0.23*(−0.41 to −0.04)−0.07(−0.30 to 0.17)−0.42**(−0.73 to −0.10)
Helping you quit−0.44***(−0.64 to −0.25)−0.16(−0.40 to 0.09)−0.88***(−1.21 to −0.55)
Being less harmful−0.95***(−1.19 to −0.69)−0.51***(−0.82 to −0.20)−1.56***(−1.98 to −1.15)
Being able to use indoors−0.70***(−0.94 to −0.45)−0.41**(−0.72 to −0.10)−1.11***(−1.51 to −0.70)
  • All models include controls for age, gender, race/ethnicity and income.

  • Owing to the small sample size (N=13), the results for e-cigarette-only users were not included.

  • Only respondents who reported that they were interested in purchasing a single disposable e-cigarette were included in the models (N=660).

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • E-cigarette, electronic cigarette; NA, not available.