Table 4

Warning label responses by country, survey wave, and educational level (weighted data)

FranceUKGermanyThe Netherlands
Baseline survey (n=1540)Follow-up survey (n=861)Baseline survey (n=1643)Follow-up survey (n=751)Baseline survey (n=1515)Follow-up survey (n=496)Baseline survey (n=1668)Follow-up survey (n=755)
Warning salience (% noticed in past month)
 Low educational level86.482.086.790.378.871.388.477.9
 Moderate educational level85.784.886.191.680.270.286.777.3
 High educational level85.385.188.189.785.278.887.277.1
 Total group86.083.886.890.581.673.987.477.7
Cognitive responses (% labels led to thinking)
 Low educational level90.087.363.069.371.168.161.342.7
 Moderate educational level89.
 High educational level89.588.964.866.963.562.753.337.1
 Total group89.685.564.469.964.858.959.941.8
Forgoing cigarettes (% labels led to forgoing in past month)
 Low educational level30.026.76.910.
 Moderate educational level19.614.911.415.
 High educational level12.212.19.714.
 Total group22.719.18.612.
Avoiding warnings* (% labels led to avoidance in past month)
 Low educational level10.719.27.816.43.813.82.42.0
 Moderate educational level4.616.88.621.
 High educational level3.813.611.
 Total group7.216.98.617.
  • *Question changed between baseline and follow-up for France and Germany.