Table 2

Mean price willing to pay for a single disposable e-cigarette for overall sample, dual users, cigarette-only users and electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)-only users

Price willing to payOverall sample (N=660)
Dual users (N=379)
Cigarette-only users (N=268)
E-cigarette-only users (N=13)
Base price*6.647.375.665.52
 Price if no flavours6.397.305.194.52
 Price if does not help you quit6.177.224.735.42
 Price if as harmful as cigarettes5.646.873.984.12
 Price if cannot be used indoors5.916.964.514.31
Absolute difference ($)†
 Price if no flavours−0.25−0.08−0.47−1.00
 Price if does not help you quit−0.47−0.15−0.93−0.10
 Price if as harmful as cigarettes−1.00***−0.51−1.68***−1.40
 Price if cannot be used indoors−0.73*−0.42−1.15*−1.21
Relative difference (%)
 Price if no flavours−3.8−1.0−8.2−18.1
 Price if does not help you quit−7.0−2.1−16.5−1.7
 Price if as harmful as cigarettes−15.1−6.8−29.7−25.4
 Price if cannot be used indoors−11.0−5.7−20.3−22.0
  • *Only respondents who reported that they were interested in purchasing a single disposable e-cigarette are included in these calculations (N=660).

  • †The absolute differences ($) were tested using a one-way test using Bonferroni pairwise comparisons.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.