Table 2

Percentages of Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS) sample reporting past 30-day use of cigarillos and regular cigars pre and post policy, by age and gender group

 Male respondentsFemale respondents
BeforeAfterPre-post differenceBeforeAfterPre–post difference
Age 15–24
 Past 30-day use of cigarillos (%)
(12.1 to 15.3)(8.1 to 10.5)(p=0.000)(4.3 to 6.3)(2.5 to 4.0)(p=0.000)
 Past 30-day use of regular cigars (%)−0.1
(4.8 to 6.8)(4.0 to 5.8)(p=0.206)(0.4 to 1.2)(0.5 to 1.4)(p=0.673)
Age 25–65
 Past 30-day use of cigarillos (%)
(3.1 to 5.2)(2.9 to 5.1)(p=0.769)(1.1 to 2.4)(0.6 to 1.5)(p=0.085)
 Past 30-day use of regular cigars (%)
(1.8 to 3.5)(1.5 to 2.7)(p=0.296)(0.0 to 0.3)(0.0 to 0.3)(p=0.871)
  • Weighted percentages are reported. Pre-policy period: June 2009–June 2010; post-policy period: July 2010–July 2011. 95% CIs are in parentheses.