Table 3

Adjusted estimates and generalised estimated equation analysis examining differences in health warning labels on salience, perceptions and behaviour between prepolicy (wave 2) and postpolicy (wave 3)

Wave 2 (prepolicy)Wave 3 (postpolicy)Difference between wave 3 and wave 2
OutcomePer cent(95% CI)Per cent(95% CI)OR(95% CI)Wald χ2dfp Value
Noticed health warnings often/very often64.5(59.6 to 69.5)72.3(68.4 to 76.3)1.44(1.07 to 1.93)5.9710.015
Read health warnings often/very often40.5(35.9 to 45.2)49.2(45.2 to 53.2)1.42(1.13 to 1.79)9.1910.002
Health warnings make you think of risks somewhat/a lot31.5(27.4 to 35.6)43.3(38.5 to 48.1)1.66(1.27 to 2.19)13.501<0.001
Health warnings make you think about quitting somewhat/a lot20.6(17.3 to 23.9)31.3(27.5 to 35.0)1.76(1.34 to 2.29)17.181<0.001
Made efforts to avoid looking at health warnings12.1(9.3 to 14.8)24.4(20.2 to 28.5)2.35(1.65 to 3.34)22.461<0.001
Health warnings stopped you from having a cigarette many times1.9(1.0 to 2.8)6.1(4.1 to 8.2)3.42(1.77 to 6.59)13.561<0.001
Should be more health information on cigarette packs28.3(24.3 to 32.4)28.8(24.6 to 33.0)1.03(0.77 to 1.36)0.0310.864
  • Results are weighted and include current smokers only.