Table 3

Multivariable ordinal logistic regression model of demographic and behavioural risk factors for higher categories of current (past 30 days) multiple tobacco product use

CovariateAdjusted proportional OR95% CI
Age group (Ref: 15–17 years)
 18–20 years1.670.84 to 3.31
 21–23 years1.010.49 to 2.06
Male (Ref: female)1.911.21 to 3.03
Race/ethnicity (Ref: non-Hispanic white)
 Non-Hispanic black0.340.11 to 1.07
 Hispanic0.90.43 to 1.89
 Non-Hispanic other0.990.46 to 2.11
Sensation seeking quartile (Ref: 1st (lowest))
 2nd1.180.6 to 2.31
 3rd2.21.15 to 4.21
 4th (highest)2.021.1 to 3.72
Friends smoke (Ref: no)2.140.74 to 6.22
Parents smoke (Ref: never)
 Former0.790.46 to 1.37
 Current1.110.67 to 1.85
Maternal education (Ref: less than high school)
 High school graduate1.110.46 to 2.66
 At least some college0.840.38 to 1.89
Age first tried tobacco0.890.8 to 0.98
First tobacco product flavoured0.650.4 to 1.08
First tobacco product other tobacco product1.370.78 to 2.4
First tobacco product non-combustible2.361.04 to 5.34
  • Proportional OR estimates adjusted for other covariates in table.