Table 5

Marketing claims

 All websites (N=18)Manufacturers which have both English and Chinese websites (N=6)
 English versionChinese version
nPer centnPer centnPer cent
Marketing claims
 Smoking cessation12674676100
 Increased ability to smoke anywhere12674676100
 Increased ability to get around ‘smoke-free laws’ or ‘clean indoor air laws’844350350
 Products do not bother non-smokers/expose others to secondhand smoke1478583583
 Products are cleaner to use than tobacco cigarettes1056350467
 Products are environmentally friendly333233350
 Products are safer than tobacco cigarettes in terms of fire safety844350467
 Using products provide a better value than buying tobacco products or NRT950467350
 Increased ability to socialise1661006100
 Increased social status739467233
 Increased romantic involvement, improves relationships, increases sex appeal422233233
 Increased personal freedom1661006100
 Modern or revolutionary way to smoke739467233