Table 4

RRP and expected RRP of four BAT brands, 2010–2014

Brand segmentBrand nameJanuary 2010April 2010January 2011January 2012January 2013January 2014
BudgetPall Mall Red Baseline 20RRP (GST included)Not available$12.00$13.80$15.60$16.00
RRP (GST excluded)$10.43$12.00$13.57$13.91
Excise tax (CPI adjusted)$7.72$8.84$9.80$10.87
Expected RRP (GST excluded)*$12.35$13.68$14.68$15.79
Difference in RRPs$(1.92)$(1.68)$(1.11)$(1.87)
MainstreamHoliday Red 20RRP (GST Included)$10.30$10.30$12.60$14.40$16.20$18.00
RRP (GST excluded)$9.16$9.16$10.96$12.52$14.09$15.65
Excise tax (CPI adjusted)$6.29$6.92$7.72$8.84$9.80$10.87
Expected RRP (GST excluded)$9.16$9.78$10.64$11.89$12.87$13.96
Difference in RRPs$(0.63)$0.32$0.64$1.21$1.69
PremiumRothmans King Size 25RRP (GST included)$14.90$14.90$17.90$20.00$22.40$24.90
RRP (GST excluded)$13.24$12.91$15.57$17.39$19.48$21.65
Excise tax (CPI adjusted)$7.86$8.65$9.65$11.05$12.25$13.61
Expected RRP (GST excluded)$13.24$14.03$15.13$16.77$18.02$19.43
Difference in RRPs$(1.12)$0.44$0.62$1.46$2.22
RYOPort Royal Original 30 gRRP (GST included)$21.30$21.30$28.50$32.80$35.90$39.70
RRP (GST excluded)$18.93$18.93$24.78$28.52$31.22$34.52
Excise tax (CPI adjustment)$11.79$14.79$16.51$18.90$20.95$23.27
Expected RRP (GST excluded)$18.93$21.93$23.77$26.48$28.60$30.99
Difference in RRPs$(2.99)$1.02$2.04$2.62$3.53
  • *The expected RRP is calculated using the January 2010 GST exclusive RRP as the base price. The excise tax component from the previous year is multiplied by 10% and the total price adjusted for the CPI (1.64% in 2011, 4.49% in 2012, 0.86% in 2013 and 1.28% in 2014).

  • BAT, British American Tobacco; CPI, consumer price index; GST, Goods and Services Tax; RRP, recommended retail price; RYO, roll your own.