Table 2

Prevalence and AOR for increased smoking behaviour over 1 year period among lifetime smokers, National Young Adult Health Survey, 2011 (n=909)

Per centAOR95% CI
 Male13.30.82(0.49 to 1.37)
Age group, years
 18–2028.92.60(1.18 to 5.75)
 21–2414.20.94(0.45 to 1.94)
 25–2911.20.89(0.44 to 1.78)
 White, NH10.61.00ref.
 Black, NH27.22.35(1.06 to 5.20)
 Hispanic/Latino17.01.32(0.62 to 2.80)
 Other, NH15.51.37(0.65 to 2.90)
Smokes menthol cigarettes
 Yes19.71.87(1.06 to 3.30)
Ever smoked e-cigarettes
 Yes13.40.87(0.42 to 1.81)
Currently use non-cigarette tobacco products*
 Yes18.11.39(0.78 to 2.45)
  • Bolded values signify statistically significant findings at the p<.05 level.

  • *Past 30-day use of cigars, smokeless tobacco and/or hookah/water pipes.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; NH, non-Hispanic.