Table 3

Alternate model of log–log regression measuring the effect of cigarette and little cigar prices on per capita little cigar sales, Q4 2011–Q4 2013*

Coefficient (SE)
Per capita little cigar pack sales (20 sticks)C-storesFDMsC-stores and FDMs combined
Little cigar price index−4.14†
Cigarette price index2.40†
Adjusted R264%64%73%
  • †p<0.01; ‡p<0.05.

  • *The alternate model controls for state-level differences using state-level data on age, race/ethnicity, median household income, tobacco control programme funding and the percentage of the state covered by any smoke-free air law, unlike the main model which uses state dummy variables to control for state-level differences.

  • C-stores, convenience stores; FDMs, food, drug and mass merchandisers.