Table 2

Responses to disclaimers in American Spirit ad

Believed“I think [American Spirit and standard cigarettes] are both dangerous. That's why it says it's not safer on the thing.” (FG-1)
Not noticed“We didn't even notice the note.” (FG-1)
Distracted by ad design“And the words ‘additive free’ are bold, and then the little caution really small so it draws your attention to what they want to point out.” (FG-2)
Ignored“How many people even look at warnings?” (FG-7)
Questioned accuracy“Probably they're legally required to put that on there…whether it's true or not.” (FG-7)
Distrusted“A lot of folks might look at that, and see that box saying ‘this is not safer’ and just think—well, the government makes them put it on there. It's organic. I'm going to go for it.” (FG-7)
Misinterpreted“It may mean just because it's organic tobacco, don't assume that you won't get addicted or something like that.” (FG-1)
  • FG, focus group.