Table 3

Public support for government mandated reductions in nicotine levels in cigarettes

Country (year)FocusPercent supporting specified form of nicotine reduction
SmokersFormer smokersNever smokersNon-smokersAll
USA (2009/2010)116Reducing nicotine levels to ‘make cigarettes less addictive’ if ‘nicotine was made easily available in non-cigarette form’67
USA (2010)126Reducing nicotine levels ‘to help smokers quit’45.548.546.2
USA (2011)121Immediately decreasing nicotine levels.37.150.743.3
USA (2011)121Reducing nicotine levels ‘if it would cause fewer children to become addicted or hooked on smoking’748177.1
New Zealand (2012)127‘The nicotine content of cigarettes should be reduced to very low levels so that they are less addictive’78.1 (recent quit attempt); 56.3 (no recent quit attempt)