TableĀ 1

Tobacco use by peer group and race/ethnicity (n, %) and pairwise comparisons

Peer crowdCigarettesE-cigarettesHookahCigarsSmokelessAny use
Homebody129, 32.4%a68, 17.7%ad71, 17.7%a44, 11.2%bc28, 6.9%bc181, 44.6%ac
Country92, 34.2%a52, 19.5%acd55, 20.6%a43, 16.4%a28, 10.3%a128, 46.7%a
Hip Hop211, 46.5%b126, 27.4%b137, 29.2%b80, 17.4%a55, 11.7%a281, 59.9%b
Hipster439, 47.4%b199, 21.3%c182, 19.5%a113, 12.3%b54, 5.7%b550, 58.1%b
Partier143, 33.2%a89, 20.7%ac91, 20.9%a58, 13.4%bc41, 9.3%a208, 47.3%a
Young Professional207, 28.9%a109, 15.4%d125, 17.4%a66, 9.2%c37, 5.0%c303, 41.7%c
NH White452, 39.8%a201, 17.7%a201, 17.5%a118, 10.3%a71, 6.1%a584, 50.6%a
NH Black46, 34.6%ab31, 24.0%ab37, 22.2%b28, 21.2%b12, 9.0%a69, 50.7%ab
NH Asian134, 32.2%b82, 20.2%ab81, 12.3%a48, 11.6%a23, 5.4%a189, 44.4%b
NH Other149, 45.6%c76, 23.0%b83, 25.2%bc50, 15.2%b25, 7.4%ac198, 59.6%c
Hispanic415, 36.7%a242, 21.4%b244, 21.4%ac149, 13.2%b101, 8.7%bc574, 49.8%a
  • Matching subscripts indicate no differences between groups. Comparisons were by year, product and race/ethnicity or peer crowd.

  • NH, Non-Hispanic.