Table 2

Examples of frequently retweeted accounts on little cigars and cigarillos

Top mentioned celebrity and community accountsNumber of followersCo-useAge warningSample tweets/mentions
Embedded ImageKOE
23 800 000YesNoRT @wizkhalifa: Hearing Drake say roll up a cone means the world may stop smoking blunts soon. Thank goodness.
RT @wizkhalifa: Forever smokin joints over blunts.
Embedded ImageSnoop Dogg
13 200 000YesNoRT @SnoopDogg: Sometimes I hit a blunt to relax from hittin a blunt
RT @ExecBranch: Only way to celebrate #snoop420 right is with some @snoopdogg rolling papers! Get yours now on [link redacted]
Embedded Image Weed TweetsTM @stillblazingtho1 210 000YesYes (18+)RT @stillblazingtho: It's legal to get drunk and act like an idiot but God forbid you smoke a blunt and eat a pizza.
RT @stillblazingtho: Fav if you need a blunt [link redacted]
Embedded Image Stoner NationTM
483 000YesNoRT @ThaStonerNation: In a terrible mood. *hits the blunt* ‘Dude, I love life’
RT @ThaStonerNation: I love how one blunt can change my mood from 0-420 real quick.
Embedded Image Marijuana PostsTM
460 000YesNoRT @MarijuanaPosts: If smoking weed offends you: 1. I'm sorry. 2. It won't happen again. 3. 1 &2 are lies. 4. *hits blunt* 5. *hits blunt*
RT @MarijuanaPosts: RT if you need a blunt rn
Embedded ImageRappers Said
445 000YesNoRT @RappersSaid: When Tupac said “I smoke a blunt to take the pain out and if I wasn't high, I'd probably try to blow my brains out.”
Embedded ImageHigh Ideas
369 000YesNoRT @ReallyHighIdeas: RT to pass the Twitter blunt and get everyone high af [link redacted]
RT @ReallyHighIdeas: I need a blunt the size of a burrito.
Embedded ImageStoner Vines
302 000YesNoRT @StonerVines: How to pass the blunt like a boss [link redacted]
RT @StonerVines: The never ending blunt [link redacted]
RT @StonerVines: He hit the blunt [link redacted]
Embedded ImageHappy Campers
234 000YesNoRT @HappyCampersTHC: How to deal with stress: 1. Roll a blunt 2. Smoke it 3. Repeat steps as necessary
RT @HappyCampersTHC: Obama hit the blunt once now he's like [link redacted]
Embedded ImageRapper Reactions
224 000YesYes (18+)RT @RapperReact: You may think you're hard but you're not “Rihanna rolling a blunt on her bodyguard's head at Coachella” hard