Table 3

Impact of the intervention on primary and secondary outcomes

3-month assessment6-month assessmentIntent-to-treat analysis intervention group change*
Intervention (n=174), no. (%) or mean±SDControl (n=193), no. (%) or mean±SDp ValueIntervention (n=159), no. (%) or mean±SDControl (n=177), no. (%) or mean±SDp ValueEffect†p Value
Primary outcome
Home smoking ban
 Full ban81 (46.6)49 (25.4)<0.0001‡100 (62.9)68 (38.4)<0.0001‡1.48‡<0.0001‡
 No full ban93 (53.4)144 (74.6)59 (37.1)109 (61.6)
  Partial ban58 (33.3)89 (46.1)0.0001§39 (24.5)59 (33.3)<0.0001§1.61§<0.001§
  No ban35 (20.1)55 (28.5)20 (12.6)50 (28.3)
Secondary outcomes—baseline smokers only
No. of cigs/day7.6±8.110.0±±8.19.1±
Quit attempts past 3 months1.6±1.91.3±±1.41.0±1.50.650.420.78
Confidence in quitting7.0±2.86.5±±2.96.4±
  • *Intent-to-treat analyses are growth models that include data from all participants including those who were not reached for 3 and/or 6 months follow-up.

  • †Effect for full and partial ban is an OR; quit attempt is an event rate ratio and β for the other outcomes.

  • ‡Binary comparison: full versus no full ban.

  • §Ordinal comparison: full versus partial versus no ban.