Table 1

Retail policy domains and options (N=46)*

States reporting activity
Plan/proposed (%)Passed (%)Plan/proposed (%)Passed (%)
Policies that may be used to regulate electronic smoking devices
 ▸ Regulate minimum age to buy e-cigarettes and related products1776
 ▸ Ban self-service displays for e-cigarettes1526
 ▸ Require licensing for e-cigarette sales3011
 ▸ Establish a tax on e-cigarettes397
 ▸ Regulate where e-cigarettes are sold (eg, retailer type, youth locales)90
Tobacco retailer density and licensing
Policies that affect the presence of retailers by reducing (or restricting) the number, location, density or types of tobacco retail outlets
 ▸ Establish or increasing licensing fees9571363
 ▸ Prohibit tobacco sales in locations youth frequent1517287
 ▸ Require certain distance between tobacco retailers17072
 ▸ Restrict retailers in certain zones (eg, banning in residential zones)11072
 ▸ Prohibit tobacco sales at certain establishment types (eg, pharmacies)90150
 ▸ Limit or capping the total number of licenses in a specific area130170
 ▸ Limit number of hours or days in which tobacco can be sold0020
Non-tax price increases
Policies that use non-tax strategies to reduce consumption by raising the price of tobacco products
 ▸ Establish cigarette minimum price laws746946
 ▸ Ban price discounting/multipack options90200
 ▸ Ban distribution of coupons†77
 ▸ Ban redemption of coupons†130
 ▸ Ban use of coupons†29
 ▸ Require disclosure for manufacturer to retailer incentives0070
 ▸ Establish mitigation fees (eg, a fee to clean up cigarette litter)2000
Product placement
Policies that limit how, where, and when tobacco products are displayed in the retail environment
 ▸ Ban self-service displays for OTPs13201346
 ▸ Ban product displays (eg, tobacco behind opaque shelving)13070
 ▸ Restrict the number of products that can be displayed4020
 ▸ Limit times during which products are visible (eg, after school hours)0000
Advertising and promotion
Policies that limit the permitted times, placement, and/or manner of tobacco retail advertising
 ▸ Content-neutral ad restrictions (eg, restrict to 15% of window area)2222
 ▸ Limit placement of ads at certain locations (eg, 1000 ft of schools)40130
 ▸ Limit placement of outdoor store ads4090
 ▸ Limit the placement of ads within the store (eg, near cash register)4090
 ▸ Limit manner of ads (certain types eg, sandwich board style ads)0070
 ▸ Limit the times advertising is permitted (eg, after school hours)0000
Health warnings
Policies that use health warnings, cessation services information, or other resources to alert customers in the retail environment.
 ▸ Require graphic warnings at the point of sale9040
 ▸ Require the posting of quit line information in tobacco retail stores92
Other approaches
Miscellaneous policies for the retail environment
 ▸ Raise the minimum legal sale age (MLA) to buy tobacco products289
 ▸ Require minimum pack size for OTPs22137
 ▸ Ban flavoured OTPs222264
  • ‘–’ indicates that question was not asked in the specific wave.

  • *CT and VA did not interview in 2012; OH and PA did not interview in 2014.

  • †After learning that some states had or were working on coupon ‘distribution’ bans in 2012, and others were working on coupon ‘redemption’ bans, we split ‘banning use of coupons’ into these separate options in 2014.