Table 1

Percentage of respondents who identified tobacco products as cigarettes and have ever purchased the products

Machine-injected roll your ownWinchester Little CigarSanta Fe filtered cigarilloBlack and Mild filtered cigarNat Sherman cigaretteNat Sherman Black and Gold cigarette
Percentage of respondents stating this is a cigarette93%42%34%13%96%40%
Gender χ2p=0.14p=0.01p=0.25p=0.87p=0.86p=0.22
Age group χ2p=0.35p=0.05p=0.05p=0.56p=0.06p=0.18
Percentage of respondents who have ever purchased the product88%18%21%13%58%12%
  • Values of p ≤0.05 are in bold.