Table 2

Final logistic regression model predicting cigarette smoking susceptibility (post-RSL) from experimental condition

PredictorbSEOR (95% CI)Wald χ2p Value
Experimental condition*
 Hidden−1.440.610.24 (0.07 to 0.78)5.590.02
 Sidewall0.110.441.11 (0.47 to 2.67)0.060.80
Cigarette smoking susceptibility (pre-RSL)†4.560.7295.58 (23.57 to 391.51)40.28<0.01
  • *The reference category is the cashier condition (0).

  • †Participants with scores greater than ‘3’ on this measure were coded as ‘at risk’ of future smoking susceptibility (1).

  • RSL, RAND StoreLab.