Table 1

Characteristics of participants (N=31)

CharacteristicN (%)
 Male18 (58%)
 Female13 (42%)
Age (in years)33.6±10.9
 White26 (84%)
 Black5 (16%)
Education (in years)14.2±1.9
E-cigarette use status
 Dual user12 (38.7%)
 Sole user19 (61.3%)
Dual user
 Non-menthol cigarette user7 (58.3%)
 Menthol cigarette user5 (41.6%)
 Length of combustible cigarette smoking (in years)*18.1±12.6
Length of e-cigarette use (in months)
 Dual user*26±14
 Sole user*20±11
Nicotine strength (mg/mL)
 Dual user*20.6±5.7
 Sole user†17.2±6.5
Favourite e-cigarette flavour category‡
 Fruit (eg, berries, peach, cherry, watermelon)13 (42.0%)
 Tobacco6 (19.4%)
 Vanilla6 (19.4%)
 Menthol3 (9.6%)
 Other (black magic, bubble gum, capp and absinthe)3 (9.6%)
Penn State Electronic Cigarette Dependence Index
 High dependence6 (19.4%)
 Medium dependence14 (45.2%)
 Low dependence5 (16.1%)
 Not dependent6 (19.4%)
  • *Response from one respondent was missing.

  • †Responses from two respondents were missing.

  • ‡Flavours are categorised based on participants’ open-ended responses.