Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics and tobacco use among young and middle-aged adult current cigarette smokers, aged 18–44, USA (n=964)

CharacteristicsTotal (n=964)Males (n=573)p ValueFemales (n=392)p ValueWhite (n=352)p ValueBlack/African-American (n=299)p ValueHispanic/Latino (n=313)p Value
 18–2422.7 (n=219)24.6 (n=141)19.9 (n=78)23.8 (n=84)16.5 (n=49)27.4 (n=86)
 25–3443.7 (n=421)43.4 (n=248)44.1 (n=173)41.7 (n=147)45.5 (n=136)44.1 (n=138)
 35–4433.6 (n=324)32.0 (n=183)35.9 (n=141)34.5 (n=122)38.0 (n=113)28.4 (n=89)
 Male59.4 (n=573)54.6 (n=193)56.0 (n=167)68.0 (n=213)
 Female40.6 (n=392)45.4 (n=160)44.0 (n=132)32.0 (n=100)
 White, non-Hispanic36.5 (n=352)33.6 (n=193)40.8 (n=160)
 Black/African-American, non-Hispanic31.0 (n=299)29.2 (n=167)33.6 (n=132)
 Hispanic/Latino32.5 (n=313)37.2 (n=213)25.6 (n=100)
Educational attainment*********
 Less than high school25.6 (n=247)23.7 (n=136)28.3 (n=111)17.5 (n=62)26.1 (n=78)34.2 (n=107)
 High school34.8 (n=336)36.9 (n=211)31.9 (n=125)36.5 (n=129)35.7 (n=107)32.2 (n=101)
 Some college30.8 (n=297)31.0 (n=177)30.5 (n=120)34.1 (n=120)31.5 (n=94)26.4 (n=83)
 Bachelor's degree or higher8.8 (n=85)8.4 (n=48)9.3 (n=37)12.0 (n=42)6.7 (n=20)7.3 (n=23)
Region of country***************
 Northwest (1)17.9 (n=173)17.8 (n=102)18.1 (n=71)17.6 (n=62)16.5 (n=49)19.5 (n=61)
 Midwest (2)21.1 (n=204)20.5 (n=117)22.0 (n=86)29.7 (n=105)21.5 (n=64)11.1 (n=35)
 South (3)43.9 (n=424)42.5 (n=243)46.0 (n=180)38.4 (n=135)55.2 (n=165)39.3 (n=123)
 West (4)17.1 (n=165)19.3 (n=110)13.9 (n=54)14.3 (n=50)6.8 (n=20)30.0 (n=94)
Annual household income***
 <$15 00029.8 (n=272)27.1 (n=147)33.7 (n=125)21.8 (n=77)47.8 (n=129)22.9 (n=67)
 $15 000–$40 00030.8 (n=281)27.5 (n=149)35.6 (n=132)31.8 (n=112)26.1 (n=70)33.7 (n=99)
 $40 000–$75 00022.1 (n=202)24.0 (n=130)19.2 (n=71)23.5 (n=83)15.8 (n=42)26.1 (n=77)
 $75 000 or more17.4 (n=159)21.4 (n=116)11.6 (n=43)22.9 (n=81)10.3 (n=28)17.4 (n=51)
Current employment status***
 Working56.9 (n=549)62.6 (n=358)48.7 (n=191)64.7 (n=228)52.3 (n=156)52.5 (n=165)
 Not working, looking20.5 (n=198)22.2 (n=127)18.1 (n=71)14.6 (n=51)26.3 (n=79)21.8 (n=68)
 Not working, not looking22.5 (n=217)15.2 (n=87)33.2 (n=130)20.7 (n=73)21.4 (n=64)25.6 (n=80)
Menthol smoking frequency***********
 Daily menthol37.9 (n=366)34.6 (n=198)42.8 (n=168)26.6 (n=94)57.9 (n=173)31.6 (n=99)
 Daily non-menthol31.2 (n=301)31.7 (n=182)30.5 (n=119)51.8 (n=183)9.3 (n=28)28.9 (n=91)
 Occasional menthol16.9 (n=163)18.4 (n=106)14.7 (n=57)8.5 (n=30)23.7 (n=71)19.8 (n=62)
 Occasional non-menthol14.0 (n=135)15.3 (n=88)12.0 (n=47)13.1 (n=46)9.0 (n=27)19.7 (n=62)
Current flavoured LCC product use***********
 Cigarette, no LCC use64.5 (n=623)56.4 (n=351)43.6 (n=271)48.7 (n=303)26.6 (n=166)24.7 (n=154)
 Unflavoured LCC use8.5 (n=81)57.9 (n=47)42.1 (n=35)19.8 (n=16)44.9 (n=37)35.3 (n=29)
 Flavoured LCC use27.0 (n=260)66.9 (n=174)33.1 (n=86)12.7 (n=33)37.0 (n=96)50.3 (n=131)
Other tobacco use***************
 Yes33.3 (n=314)34.2 (n=192)31.8 (n=122)29.8 (n=102)32.3 (n=95)37.9 (n=117)
 No66.7 (n=631)65.8 (n=370)68.2 (n=261)70.2 (n=239)67.7 (n=200)62.1 (n=191)
  • All analyses used weighted data. Complex sampling procedures were used to adjust for sampling in all analyses.

  • ***p<0.001, **p<0.01, *p<0.05.

  • LCC, little cigar and cigarillo.