Table 1

Summary of multilevel model analyses of study-dependent variables as a function of e-cigarette flavour assigned, over weeks

Dependent variableEffect tested
Cigs/day baseline (df=1, 3143)Week# (df=6, 3143)Day# (df=6, 3143)Week#
× Day# (df=36, 3143)
Flavour assigned (df=3, 3143)Menthol smoker (df=1, 3143)Nicotine e-cigarette (df=1, 3143)Flavour × Week# (df=18, 3143)Flavour × menthol (df=3, 3143)Flavour × nicotine (df=33 143)
CO levelsa323.74***18.82***36.72***125.54***77.30***4.68***41.09***20.53***
  • Values shown are F-values. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.–, Effect not measured on this dependent variable; df, degrees of freedom.

  • aDenominator df for this dependent variable=2874.