Table 2

Functions of flavours in smokeless tobacco products

Strategic functions of flavours in ST productsFlavours and flavoured product examples
Appeal to youthMint/Happy Days
Cherry/Good Luck
Attract new usersMint/Happy Days
Mint/Skoal Bandits
Appeal to cigarette smokersMint/Good Luck
Menthol/Red Seal
Mask tobacco taste/‘bite’Cherry, mint/Good Luck
Create anaesthetic effect/reduce painSugars, mint/Good Luck
Menthol/Red Seal
Modify nicotine delivery/affect pHSugar, menthol/Red Seal
Influence bacterial content (affecting shelf life, NNN/NNK levels)Wintergreen/DiamondBack
Stimulate nervous system/increase perception of impactWintergreen/DiamondBack Coffee/Revved Up
Appeal to experienced usersWintergreen/DiamondBack
Appeal to men/masculinityBourbon, Wintergreen/Diamondback
Create perception of novelty or innovation/extend product linesCrisp Blend/Skoal X-tra Long Cut
  • NNK, nicotine-derived nitrosamine ketone; NNN, nitrosonornicotine.