Table 3

Estimates of attitudes towards plain packaging at postimplementation, with results from logistic regression analyses predicting support and opposition

 Support (N=2782)Oppose (N=2782)
Per centOR95% CIp ValuePer centOR95% CIp Value
Smoking status
 Never smoker631.420.98 to 2.050.064220.610.41 to 0.900.013
 Experimenter/ex-smoker721.941.35 to 2.770.000180.490.33 to 0.720.000
 Current smoker55REF36REF
Age in years
 18–24671.441.17 to 1.770.001220.660.52 to 0.840.001
 Male630.950.79 to 1.150.602241.020.82 to 1.270.835
 QLD620.820.68 to 0.990.038251.160.94 to 1.440.163
 Mod–high641.020.82 to 1.270.872230.940.74 to 1.200.618
Friends smoke0.930.86 to 1.000.0441.121.03 to 1.220.007
House smoke1.000.91 to 1.100.9931.060.96 to 1.170.280
  • %s are weighted; ORs, CIs and p values from logistic regression analyses.

  • NSW, New South Wales; QLD, Queensland; SES, socioeconomic status (based on postal code).