Table 2

Threshold price* and its components, Brazil, 2008 and 2013

Survey yearProduction and distribution costs (BRL)Amounts (BRL†) due toCalculated threshold price (BRL)Minimum price established by legislation (BRL)
Specific tax rates and control stampAd valorem tax ratesRetail margin
  • Sources: authors’ elaboration based on tax information, production and costs information from Secretariat of Revenue and standards retail margins.

  • *Values for a pack of 20 cigarettes.

  • †BRL=US$0.547 in 2008; BRL= US$0.446 in 2013.

  • ‡In 2008, ad valorem tax rates were calculated over BRL 1.668.

  • §In 2013, ad valorem tax rates were calculated over the minimum price established by legislation, which was BRL 3.500.

  • BRL, Brazilian reais.