Table 4

Quit attempt incidence by demographics and medical conditions among cigarette smokers,* 2013 Tips evaluation

CharacteristicDescriptive statistics (quit attempt prevalence)Multivariate models†
Standard-dose markets (%)Higher-dose markets (%)p Value‡Higher-dose adjusted ORp Value‡
Age (years)
 18–44     39.4    44.3 0.106     1.27 0.075
 High school graduate or less32.932.40.5600.960.613
  Less than high school33.936.00.3941.190.307
  High school graduate only32.430.60.6860.860.818
 Some college33.945.4<0.0011.60<0.001
 College graduate40.642.60.3281.140.241
Chronic condition
 Has a chronic (non-mental) condition32.039.30.0071.210.028
 Does not have chronic (non-mental) condition33.636.40.2811.230.161
 Has a mental health condition42.539.50.7970.930.689
 Does not have a mental health condition32.038.50.0081.370.003
  • *Among current smokers at time of 2013 Tips launch.

  • †Multivariate models control for income, mental health condition, media market population size, media market smoking prevalence and median income in media market. Survey weights control for differences in age, gender, race/ethnicity and educational attainment across randomised markets.

  • ‡p Values are calculated as one-tailed (higher-dose greater than standard-dose), p<0.05.

  • §Statistically significant differences are indicated in boldface type.

  • Tips, Tips From Former Smokers.