Table 2

Changes in non-flavoured tobacco product inflation adjusted dollar sales after a ban on sales of OTP, overall and by specific product type

 Overall OTPCigarsSmokelessPipe and RYO
βp Valueβp -Valueβp Valueβp Value
Model covariates
 Enforcement of NYC flavoured tobacco sales ban−14 083.000.066−12 7280.0032261.000.418−5268.000.030
 Sales trends post-ban enforcement−5294.00<0.000−3295.00<0.000−758.220.004−1458.00<0.000
Per cent change in predicted mean sales of non-flavoured products
 Pre-ban Predicted mean217 762.00120 572.5031 589.4965 411.15
 Post-ban Predicted mean258 757.10126 805.9064 084.5768 232.08
Per cent change18.835.17102.94.3
  • Notes: Models included variables representing the number of stores each year, the FDA flavoured cigarette ban, and a continuous time variable to control for secular trends in sales. p Values less than or equal to 0.05 are bolded.

  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration; NYC, New York City; OTP, other flavoured tobacco products; RYO, roll-your-own.