Table 1

Performance of the Brazilian Cigarette Excise Tax Reform — Consumer and Net-of-Tax Prices, Tax Amounts and other relevant nominal variables — Selected years

2008201020122014Absolute Increase (2008–2014)Composition of the increase between 2008/2014 (%)Percentage variation (%)
Consumer Prices of the most sold brand1.031.842.072.541.51100%146%
Net of taxes prices (ex-factory prices+distribution and retail margins)0.440.740.760.890.4530%102%
Total tax amount per pack0.591.101.311.651.0670%180%
Tobacco excise tax amount per pack0.270.430.560.740.4731%177%
Other indirect tax amounts per pack0.320.670.750.910.5939%184%
Consumer Prices Inflation Index (2007=100)105.7116.4130.9147.842.140%
Exchange rate (year average)1.831.761.952.350.5228%
  • Source: 2015 WHO Global Tobacco Control Report and IMF World Economic Outlook – Databases; figures presented in US dollars.