Table 1

Changes in flavoured tobacco product inflation-adjusted dollar sales after a ban on sales of OTP, overall and by specific product type

 Overall flavoured OTPFlavoured cigarsFlavoured smokelessFlavoured pipe and RYO
βp Valueβp Valueβp Valueβp Value
Model covariates
 Enforcement of NYC flavoured tobacco sales ban−20 247.00<0.000−17 752.00<0.000−487.220.171−1901.00<0.000
 Sales trends post-ban enforcement−482.390.240−421.070.2365−47.520.176−14.130.722
Per cent change in predicted mean sales of flavoured products
 Pre-ban predicted mean31 918.0027 403.52687.463764.03
 Post-ban predicted mean4227.073774.76186.49334.70
Per cent change86.886.2−72.991.1
  • Models included variables representing the number of stores each year, the FDA flavoured cigarette ban, and a continuous time variable to control for secular trends in sales. p Values ≤0.05 are bolded.

  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration; NYC, New York City; OTP, other flavoured tobacco products; RYO, roll-your-own.