Table 1

US ENDS overheating/fire/explosion events by primary report recipient and year

Calendar yearNumber of FAANumber of FDANumber of MediaNumber of CPSCNumber of USCGTotal number of US reports
January 2015—September 20153212*5224
  • CPSC, USA Consumer Product Safety Commission; ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery system; FAA, USA Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration; FDA, USA Department of Health & Human Services/Food & Drug Administration; USCG, USA Coast Guard/National Response Center.

  • The Primary Report Recipient represents the initial entity that received the report. For events reported to more than one entity, only the initial recipient is counted herein.

  • *Events reported by hospitals to CPSC were not yet available for 2015. Tallies are for dates available from the primary report recipients as follows:

  • ▸ FAA: date, not otherwise specified—based on one reliable corroborating reference (USA Consumer Product Safety Commission. Letter from Fire Marshal to CPSC Chairman re:  E-cigarette Airport Luggage Fire. Letter date 15 Oct 2014. Incident date 9 Aug 2014. (Unpublished data)), five appear to be incident dates, one is a report date (USA Department of  Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Security and Hazardous Materials Safety. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Aviation Safety Reporting System  Telecon. Report 1263077. Report date 9 Jul 2015. (Unpublished data)).

  • ▸ FDA: event date or problem start date when available; otherwise the report date.

  • ▸ Media: exact or approximate event date when available; otherwise the date the story was first published.

  • ▸ CPSC: incident date when available; otherwise treatment date.

  • ▸ USCG: incident date.