Table 2

Means (and SDs) for the effects of graphic level (GL) conditions on adolescent smokers from the USA, Spain and France

Graphic levelCravingEvoked fearPack feelingsQuit thoughts
All countries
 Control (a)2.67 (1.55)c,d3.37 (1.75)c,d4.15 (1.62)c,d4.08 (1.59)c,d
 Low (b)2.53 (1.50)c,d3.42 (1.73)c,d4.03 (1.66)c,d4.24 (1.56)c,d
 Moderate (c)2.07 (1.31)a,b4.11 (1.69)a,b,d3.49 (1.54)a,b4.60 (1.60)a,b
 High (d)1.83 (1.26)a,b4.66 (1.62)a,b,c3.35 (1.57)a,b4.76 (1.40)a,b
 Control (a)2.49 (1.58)c,d3.84 (1.94)d4.10 (1.68)c,d4.24 (1.72)d
 Low (b)2.16 (1.28)4.02 (1.71)d3.68 (1.55)4.36 (1.61)
 Moderate (c)1.75 (1.02)a4.52 (1.66)3.37 (1.50)a4.80 (1.53)
 High (d)1.84 (1.42)a4.81 (1.84)a,b3.39 (1.69)a4.86 (1.41)a
 Control (a)2.58 (1.52)c.d3.31 (1.60)c,d4.06 (1.60)d4.10 (1.57)
 Low (b)2.50 (1.53)c,d3.50 (1.69)d3.66 (1.60)4.30 (1.65)
 Moderate (c)1.95 (1.27)a,b4.02 (1.67)a3.66 (1.61)4.52 (1.63)
 High (d)1.71 (1.03)a,b4.57 (1.52)a,b3.34 (1.44)a4.62 (1.46)
 Control (a)2.93 (1.52)d2.97 (1.58)c,d4.28 (1.59)c,d3.95 (1.46)d
 Low (b)2.92 (1.60)d2.73 (1.52)c,d4.76 (1.59)c,d4.06 (1.41)d
 Moderate (c)2.54 (1.50)d3.73 (1.67)a,b,d3.48 (1.52)a,b4.47 (1.64)
 High (d)1.93 (1.30)a,b,c4.59 (1.47)a,b,c3.31 (1.57)a,b4.75 (1.33)a,b
  • Superscripts adjacent to the means in a given column indicate significant differences (p≤0.05 or better) between cells based on Bonferroni contrasts. All values in mean tables are adjusted for age, gender, and brand familiarity as covariates.