Table 2

Logistic regression results of phantom smokers (vs regular smokers): 2013

Independent variablesOR95% CIp Value
Education (ref=no college)
 In college1.220.88 to 1.680.225
 College grad1.431.03 to 1.980.030
Sex (ref=male)0.840.67 to 1.040.114
How many people your age smoke?*0.990.98 to 0.990.002
Self-identified social smoker (ref=social smoker)1.601.27 to 2.120.001
Past 30 days, days binged on alcohol (ref=yes)1.000.99 to 1.020.617
When out at a bar, how frequently do you smoke cigarettes while drinking alcohol?†0.280.25 to 0.320.000
I feel guilty when I smoke‡1.210.99 to 1.640.118
I keep my tobacco smoking secret from most people‡1.170.98 to 1.540.145
Nicotine dependence (ref=dependent)0.360.22 to 0.760.000
Past 12 months, quit for at least 1 day (ref=yes)0.460.36 to 0.690.000
  • *Answer choices (0–100%).

  • †Answer choices (1=I never smoke when I drink alcohol in bars … 4=I always smoke when I drink in a bar).

  • ‡Answer choices (1=strongly disagree, 5=strongly agree).