Table 2

Results of the segmented regression analysis for current smoking presenting the trend in smoking previous to the introduction of the PoS display ban, the immediate step level change in smoking prevalence, and the change in the smoking trend after the PoS ban was introduced compared with the preban period trend

 Trend pre-PoS display banStep level changeChange in trend
Percentage change95% CIp ValuePercentage change95% CIp ValuePercentage change95% CIp Value
Log binomial models
 Model 0: unadjusted0.15−1.04 to 1.630.846−2.30−6.19 to 1.760.2630.530.73 to0.33<0.001
 Model 1: +sociodemographics*−0.93−2.31 to 0.470.190−2.25−5.96 to 1.610.2490.210.40 to0.020.029
 Model 2: +e-cigarettes1.683.19 to0.140.0324.548.66 to0.220.0390.410.67 to0.150.002
 Model 3: +seasonality2.073.59 to0.520.009−3.69−7.94 to 0.750.1020.460.72 to0.200.001
Poisson models
 Model 0: unadjusted 0.14−2.04 to 2.370.902−1.94−7.77 to 4.260.5310.530.82 to0.24<0.001
 Model 1: adjusted for seasonality−0.21−2.34 to 1.960.849−0.49−6.35 to 5.730.8740.560.84 to0.27<0.001
 Model 2: +autocorrelation−0.23−2.21 to 1.800.826−0.46−5.95 to 5.340.8730.560.82 to0.29<0.001
  • Significant associations are indicated in bold (p<0.05).

  • *Age, gender and social grade.

  • PoS, point of sale.