Table 4

Results of the segmented regression analysis for current smoking and cigarette consumption, stratified by social grade

Trend pre-PoS display banStep level changeChange in trend
Current smoking (log binomial)Percentage change95% CIp ValuePercentage change95% CIp ValuePercentage change95% CIp Value
Non-manual occupation (A,B,C1)−3.72−6.52 to −0.840.0128.0515.8 to 0.400.0610.420.90 to 0.060.084
Manual occupation (C2,D,E)0.442.29 to 1.440.6451.826.91 to 3.550.500−0.62−0.93 to −0.30<0.001
Interactions with social grade0.0990.8410.072
Cigarette consumptionβ95% CIp Valueβ95% CIp Valueβ95% CIp Value
Non-manual occupation (A,B,C1)−0.390−0.635 to −0.1450.0180.1670.552 to 0.8860.6490.0080.031 to 0.0470.689
Manual occupation (C2,D,E)−0.520−0.701 to −0.340<0.0010.3330.838 to 0.8930.172 0.0220.007 to 0.0520.142
Interactions with social grade0.5950.4150.295
  • The table presents trends previous to the introduction of the PoS display ban, the immediate step level change, and the change in the trend after the PoS ban was introduced compared with the pre-PoS display ban trend.

  • Significant associations are indicated in bold (p<0.05).

  • PoS, point of sale.