Table 3

Observed non-compliance with tobacco retail regulations

Type of regulationNumber (%) of retailers*
No ‘Smoking kills’ sign201 (11.9)
Retailer selling tobacco but not listed with Ministry of Health120 (6.9)
Displaying tobacco but not a specialist tobacconist†93 (5.5)
Displaying smoking accessories or non-tobacco smoking products but not a specialist tobacconist†60 (3.6)
More than one price type of price display22 (1.3)
Prices more than 2 cm high and/or 1.5 cm wide18 (1.1)
Retailer advertising or promoting cigarettes14 (0.8)
Specialist tobacconist displaying tobacco less than 2 m away from a public facing opening†14 (0.8)
Non-compliant warning sign colour (identified from volunteer comments)1 (0.1)
Retailers non-compliant with at least one regulation448 (26.6)
Total non-compliances observedn=543‡
  • *Percentage of 1685 listed and unlisted retailers audited in randomly selected postcodes.

  • †See note to table 2 regarding transitionary arrangements for tobacconists at the time of the audit.

  • ‡Some retailers failed to comply with more than one regulation.