TableĀ 1

Number and proportion of each retailer type in audit sample

Retailer typeAll audited retailersListedUnlisted
nPercentage of all retailersnPercentage of retailer typenPercentage of retailer typePercentage of unlisted retailers
Alcohol-licensed premises and/or vending59434.253890.6569.432.2
Convenience store*34419.832393.9216.112.1
Petrol station25214.523392.5197.510.9
General grocery store*462.63065.21634.89.2
Other/not specified854.96778.81821.210.3
Total (all retailers)1739100156590.017410.0100
  • *Convenience stores typically sell drinks, snack foods and a very limited grocery range. General grocery stores stock more grocery items but are smaller than supermarkets.