Table 1

Examples of e-cigarette forums and expos held in mainland China: 2014–2015

 2–4 SeptemberShenzhenThe 1st China E-cigarette Summit Forum10Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Industry AssociationNANA
 9 AprilShenzhenThe 2nd China E-cigarette Summit Forum11Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Industry AssociationNANA
 9–11 AprilShenzhenThe 1st China International Vapor Expo12Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Industry AssociationNANA
 15 AprilShenzhenShenzhen Theme Forum of eCig13NA
  • Tesla e-Cig Group: an e-cigarette manufacturer and distributor located in Shenzhen

  • Smok Tech: an e-cigarette manufacturer located in Shenzhen

 15–17 AprilShenzhenShenzhen eCig Expo14NA
  • Tesla e-Cig Group

  • Smok Tech

 10–12 JuneShanghaiChina International Electronic Cigarette Expo15Electronic Materials Society of the Chinese Institute of ElectronicsNANA
 23–25 JulyBeijingChina International Vapor Distribution Alliance Expo16Beijing Qucheng Conference and Exhibition Service Co, LtdNANA
 11–13 SeptemberGuangzhouGuangzhou International Vapor Expo17
  • Guangdong Health Care Food Profession Association

  • Guangdong Zhenwei Guozhan Exhibition Co, Ltd An online e-cigarette BBS; located in ShenzhenNA
 10–13 OctoberGuangzhouGuangzhou International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition18
  • Guangdong Energy Conservation Association

  • Guangzhou Boao Exhibition Co, Ltd*

  • Guangdong Television

  • Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

  • An online e-cigarette BBS, located in Shanghai

  • an online e-cigarette BBS

  • E-cigarette Forum*

  • China Health Care Website*

  • Electronic Cigarette Research Institute*: research division of Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association

  • Vapor World: e-cigarette industry's magazine published by NSM and NSM China Electronic Cigarette Factory Alliance

  • German Tobacco Electronic Cigarette Association* (Germany)

  • Electronic Cigarette Industry Association* (UK)

  • China Electronics Network*

  • China Trade Exhibition Network*

  • China Electronics Industry Alliance*

  • Korea Electronics Industry Alliance*

 20–23 OctoberShenzhenThe 2nd China International Vapor Expo19
  • Organiser: Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Industry Association

  • Co-organiser: Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association

 4–6 DecemberShanghaiChina International Electronic Cigarette Industry Exhibition20Beijing Sino-exhibit Lihua International Co, Ltd
  • Shanghai Tobacco Monopoly Bureau

  • Shanghai Tobacco Group Co, Ltd

Collaborated with (an online e-cigarette BBS), NSM China Electronic Cigarette Factory Alliance, Vapor World, and NSM
 21–23 DecemberGuangzhouChina International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition21
  • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Branch


  • Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Co., Ltd*

  • Guangdong Fashion Industry Association

  • Health Times

  • China Health Care Website*

  • Electronic Cigarette Research Institute*

  • Modern Health Newspaper*

  • Vapor World

  • National Electronic Cigarette Association (Spain)

  • Tobacco Merchants Association (USA)

  • Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (USA)

  • Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (UK)

  • French Vapor Trade Association (France)

  • *Translated by the authors as the English name of the organisations was not mentioned and could not be found.

  • BBS, bulletin board system; e-cigarette, electronic cigarette; NA, not applicable; NSM, Newsteel Media.