Table 2

Adjusted logistic regression of NAS brand preference on sociodemographics, substance/tobacco use, harm perceptions and mental, physical and behavioural health among current cigarette smokers; Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health, 2013–2014 (n=10 289*)

 NAS brand preference
aOR (95% CI)
 18–341.54 (1.08 to 2.20)
 Over 34Ref.
 Male1.57 (1.15 to 2.14)
 White2.39 (1.44 to 3.96)
Highest education completed
 Less than collegeRef.
 At least some college3.06 (2.15 to 4.36)
Sexual identity
 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, ‘other’ or ‘questioning’2.07 (1.22 to 3.51)
Substance use
Past 30-day marijuana use
 Yes1.87 (1.31 to 2.65)
Past 30-day alcohol use
 Yes1.57 (1.12 to 2.21)
Tobacco harm perceptions
Own cigarette brand is less harmful than other brands
 Yes22.82 (15.98 to 32.59)
Frequency of thoughts about harm of your tobacco use
 Sometimes1.32 (0.90 to 1.93)
 Often/very often1.84 (1.20 to 2.83)
  • *Participants excluded from the adjusted regression in Table 2 due to listwise deletion from missing variables did not significantly differ by cigarette brand (NAS vs other): 2.68% (2.33% to 3.10%) of NAS smokers were excluded and 1.92% (0.84% to 4.31%) of other brand smokers were excluded from the regression in Table 2 (p=0.4007).

  • aOR, adjusted OR; NAS, Natural American Spirit.