Table 3

Results of sensitivity analysis (%)

ToxicantOriginal modelModel AModel BModel CModel DModel E
1. Plasma nicotine34.026.918.124.520.642.3
2. Expired carbon monoxide73.566.454.363.658.279.8
3. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines
4. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
 Fluorene (1-Fluor)24.018.411.916.613.731.0
 Fluorene (2-Fluor)27.621.414.019.416.135.2
 Fluorene (3-Fluor)20.415.59.913.911.526.8
5. Volatile organic chemicals
 Ethylene oxide37.429.920.427.323.146.0
 Propylene oxide39.131.521.628.824.547.8
  • Model A decreased session duration to 50 min; model B decreased session duration to 30 min; model C decreased proportion of solo use by 20%; model D decreased proportion of solo use by 50%; model E increased the number of cigarette and waterpipe states to 35 and 2875, respectively. NNK, nicotine-derived nitrosamine ketone.